Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Larry David's new Improv Movie is shaping up . . .

Larry David
It looks like Larry David's new improv film now has a great cast:
When it was announced that Superbad’s Greg Mottola would be directingLarry David’s improv comedy, the film’s only cast members were Jon Hammand Michael Keaton. Now we are learning that the film has a new title, and that the cast has grown immensely.
THR reports that the comedy now titled, Clear History, will center on a marketing executive (David) who makes the terrible decision of getting into a petty argument with his boss and abruptly quits his job at a new electric car company. Ten years later he realizes the mistake he made when he sees the same company he worked for is now worth billions, so he changes his name and his reputation and rewards himself by purchasing a summer cottage on a private island. However, he bumps into the same boss he quit working for and from there he decides he wants to get revenge.
In addition to the new title, Hamm and Keaton will now be joined by Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Philip Baker Hall, Amy Ryan, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, and JB Smoove. Filming is expected to begin in Massachusetts later this Fall.
 HBO Films, which is the channel that runs David’s other comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm, holds the rights to this film, so it’s likely that we will see the feature on that network instead of in a theater. Despite that caveat, I am very interesting in seeing how well the mix of comedy and non-comedy actors plays out in this film. No word yet on when Clear History will show up on HBO. Hader, McBride, and Smoove are great comedians, and Hamm, Ryan, and Mendes are versatile actors who can make the switch from comedy to drama very easily.

SOURCE: Geeks Of Doom

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