Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Filmmaking Simplified.

MOVIE IN A BOX - HollyShorts Promo from Waterline Pictures, Inc. on Vimeo.

MOVIE IN A BOX is now available to rent.  It's a turn key equipment package that takes the time, effort, and expense out of hunting down and securing all your equipment.  Our goal is to make gearing up EASY for you by combining all the essential gear you need to make your movie on one 10-Ton truck.  Cutting out the hassle of calling several different rental houses, striking several different deals, or even issuing multiple insurance certificates. Forget about complicated pick up and return schedules, it's delivered to your set! Everything you need is just one phone call away.

We offer top of the line camera packages such as the RED Epic, and others, bundled with Sound Devices 788T 8 Channel mixer.  Our packages have been enhanced to provide you with Instant Dailies utilizing a Zaxcom Digital Hop that will transmit lossless audio wirelessly to a Pix240 device giving you high quality footage that can be edited immediately.

Our on board grip package rivals many 5 ton grip trucks, and also includes a doorway dolly (with over 30' of track), a car mount kit, and Rossco fogger.

A variety of almost 40 lights, both HMI and tungsten, ranging from 2500 HMIs to Mini-Moles and Kino Kits, allows your DP a myriad of options to put your vision on screen.

We round out the truck with some essential production supplies such as, walkie-talkies, ice chests, folding tables and chairs. Directors chairs, wardrobe racks and even a make-up station.

Need something that's not on the truck? Don't worry, we have lots more gear in every department to supplement with. Just ask!