Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Filmmaking Simplified.

MOVIE IN A BOX - HollyShorts Promo from Waterline Pictures, Inc. on Vimeo.

MOVIE IN A BOX is now available to rent.  It's a turn key equipment package that takes the time, effort, and expense out of hunting down and securing all your equipment.  Our goal is to make gearing up EASY for you by combining all the essential gear you need to make your movie on one 10-Ton truck.  Cutting out the hassle of calling several different rental houses, striking several different deals, or even issuing multiple insurance certificates. Forget about complicated pick up and return schedules, it's delivered to your set! Everything you need is just one phone call away.

We offer top of the line camera packages such as the RED Epic, and others, bundled with Sound Devices 788T 8 Channel mixer.  Our packages have been enhanced to provide you with Instant Dailies utilizing a Zaxcom Digital Hop that will transmit lossless audio wirelessly to a Pix240 device giving you high quality footage that can be edited immediately.

Our on board grip package rivals many 5 ton grip trucks, and also includes a doorway dolly (with over 30' of track), a car mount kit, and Rossco fogger.

A variety of almost 40 lights, both HMI and tungsten, ranging from 2500 HMIs to Mini-Moles and Kino Kits, allows your DP a myriad of options to put your vision on screen.

We round out the truck with some essential production supplies such as, walkie-talkies, ice chests, folding tables and chairs. Directors chairs, wardrobe racks and even a make-up station.

Need something that's not on the truck? Don't worry, we have lots more gear in every department to supplement with. Just ask!

Monday, April 8, 2013



The Improv Network went out looking for comedy talent in Los Angeles and found it in the most unlikely of places.  And the location will remain a secret forever, unless you were there and tell somebody.   If you don't know Alex Hooper you will soon because he is super funny and that goes for his amazing lineup of talent.  The after party mixed it up with awesome DJ's and even a live acrobatic show by Acro Love in the middle of the show.  

I had never seen Reggie Watts live and it was unbelievable how talented he is at mixing beats with jokes.  When Super Tall Paul entered the stage with similar beat making technology set up to mix beats and jokes all I could think was "dude, what could you possibly do, that makes you stand out from the great Reggie Watts and what I had just seen?".  While I can't articulate what Super Tall Paul did on stage, all I can say is he too killed it.  In the words of Ali G. "RESPECT".  And that goes out for all the performers.  

LASTLY, and I guess you could call it an EDITORS NOTE, I didn't go out to write about what I saw, I went to find talent to bring to The Improv Network for future Improvisodes.  All I can say is it went well and stay tuned.  To watch IMPROVISODES, check out  Obviously don't forget to subscribe and like us on Facebook (which  just launched recently) to stay up with the latest. 

This blog was written by me, Roger Roth.   Please leave comments and share The Improv Network with everyone you know.

Great Interview with Louis C.K. by New York Times.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Yo. What the hey. Where have you been Roger?

Many people have been asking when will more videos be coming. The answer is Soon. Very soon. We have been working hard behind the scenes to build ways to generate some money so that we can continue shooting Improvisodes. Specifically at Waterline pictures we have rolled out our gear rental business to help filmmakers by giving them access to the same great streamlined gear solutions we use to make content. is more than just gear rental, its a service where you can rent everything you need to make a movie big or small (lights camera sound production stuff with one phone call delivered to your set daily in a ten ton truck. We're ready when your ready.

My goal, Roger speaking here, is to make a improve feature film. But to do this at the level I make scripted feature films is going to take a lot of planning of locations and talent ect. Speaking of which, if you have a location that you want to advertise, we may just be able to film there and help each other, especially if you are in the Los Angeles area. If your not we do plan to take our show on the road and to open the network up to affiliates in other cities. So just because your not in LA doesn't mean we can't advertise your business. Also if you have products that you want us to incorporate into our shows we could do that in exchange for reasonable funds to shoot our Improvisodes. You get the idea. There are deals that could be made. With locations it is a no brainer. You become a show sponsor by donating the use of your location and get a ad card before the show and signage in the Improvisode.

Didn't mean to turn this blog post into a shameless advertisement. Ooops. I'm just trying to raise some funds to be able to hire real talent in front of the camera and behind it so that you can be entertained. If any of this interests you please send a email to
Also if you want to help get this party started and want to donate some funds you can find a donate button on our site. Or buy awesome TIN merchandise. Here's an idea. Film yourself wearing some merchandise and I may incorporate it into an Improvisode or something. Not sure yet. Just thought of it.

Lastly and most importantly we are looking to find great improv talent. So if you are awesome and or you know someone who is awesome at improv please make them aware of TIN, The Improv Network, which someday will really be a real working network that has evolved beyond just a channel into something that even you believed you could never be a part of. If all goes according to my vision, it's gonna be cool. We hope to resume shooting soon. I will also be blogging more often. Also find us on facebook The Improv Network and twitter @Improvnetwork. Take care


P.s. I haven't been checking or updating Facebook and I just saw friend requests going way back in time. My bad. I will start up on Facebook immediately.