Monday, April 8, 2013



The Improv Network went out looking for comedy talent in Los Angeles and found it in the most unlikely of places.  And the location will remain a secret forever, unless you were there and tell somebody.   If you don't know Alex Hooper you will soon because he is super funny and that goes for his amazing lineup of talent.  The after party mixed it up with awesome DJ's and even a live acrobatic show by Acro Love in the middle of the show.  

I had never seen Reggie Watts live and it was unbelievable how talented he is at mixing beats with jokes.  When Super Tall Paul entered the stage with similar beat making technology set up to mix beats and jokes all I could think was "dude, what could you possibly do, that makes you stand out from the great Reggie Watts and what I had just seen?".  While I can't articulate what Super Tall Paul did on stage, all I can say is he too killed it.  In the words of Ali G. "RESPECT".  And that goes out for all the performers.  

LASTLY, and I guess you could call it an EDITORS NOTE, I didn't go out to write about what I saw, I went to find talent to bring to The Improv Network for future Improvisodes.  All I can say is it went well and stay tuned.  To watch IMPROVISODES, check out  Obviously don't forget to subscribe and like us on Facebook (which  just launched recently) to stay up with the latest. 

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